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Don’t know what to expect in a job interview? Need advice on the dos and don’ts? Need someone to practice with on answering interview questions?

Let us help you! PrepMe is your personal career coach. We help you take that first step in getting the job of your dreams.


Every fresh graduate will know that familiar feeling of fear and nervousness of applying for a job. A lot of people fall short in their job applications due to lack of knowledge, practice, and confidence. PrepMe is an online platform that provides you with all sorts of help from the way you should dress to the way you communicate yourself.

Need Advice On The Dos and Don’ts in Job Interviews?

PrepMe provides you with ideas of what should and should not be done before, during, and after job interviews. We guide you through the preparation process until the end of the interview process. Guidelines contain a wide range of tips and advices to make you feel as confident and as ready as possible when you have your actual job interview.

Need To Keep Track of What You Have Done So Far?

PrepMe help you track your progress with a simple checklist of the things you need to keep in mind before, during, and after job interviews.

Need Someone To Practice Answering Interview Questions?

PrepMe provides you with a virtual interview coach who asks you interview questions and gives feedback on the clarity and on the confidence of your answer. You can download your video recordings after your interview and review your answers.

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